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What does your phone say about you?

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Chris Dancy has been "reading" phones from San Francisco to Paris. Within seconds he can look at your home screen and tell you remarkable things about your life. Try it today!

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    No need to tell us who you are or where you work. Just upload your home screen to start!

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    Often we place apps in specific places without thinking about it, or are we? Did you ever stop to look at the icons in your apps?

  • 🤖 Apps vs. Habits.

    Are you using apps or are they using you? Apps are just new filters for the way we work and play. You don't download apps, you download habits.

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See why people from San Francisco to Paris are waiting in line for hours to have their phone read by Chris Dancy!!


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There are only three ways to get your phone read by the world-famous Chris Dancy. See him at an event and wait inline, submit to win a weekly free reading, or pay to have an on-demand reading now!
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Submit your phone for weekly free reading. Winners are randomly drawn each week.!


See Chris at an event giving his world-famous readings from his very own fortune-teller booth.

OnDemand Readings

On-demand Readings come with a custom image where you can explain the meaning behind the findings.

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It doesn't matter who you are, where you live, or what you do for work! Our phones are windows to our souls. Browse, search or filter phone readings below to see Phone Palmistry in action!

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That's it! Be the first; only a limited number of phones will be read! Additionally, each phone will get a "Phone Shui" score from 0-10.   Upload your phone screenshot right now!!!


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